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The Neopost Address Printer line offers numerous features that will benefit you by saving time and money, as well as give you an increased response rate when addressing your customer. We have postage solutions for every level of volume from low level to high output.


Low to Mid Volume Addressing Systems
Neopost AS510C
The AS-510C is a user-friendly, entry level system that prints full process photo quality color.
Mid to High Volume Addressing Systems
Neopost AS-710
Make your mailings more impactful with the AS-710 address printer.
Neopost AS-930
The AS-930 address printer offers top-of-the-line addressing and bar coding on a wide variety of documents.The AS-930 address printer offers top-of-the-line addressing and bar coding on a wide variety of documents..
Neopost AS-940
The AS-940 provides the qualities of a production printer with the price tag of an entry level printer.
Neopost AS-950C
The AS-950C digital color printer features the newest digital printing technology available at 1600 x 1600 dpi.
High Volume Addressing Systems
Neopost AS-960
Project a professional appearance with all of your mailings with the AS-960 Address Printer.
Neopost AS-980
The AS-980 address printer is a full-featured, high volume, large capacity addressing solution.
Production Addressing Systems
Neopost AS-3630
The AS-3630 is a true production printer with a high output speed of up to 40,000 mailable documents per hour.
Neopost AS-3640
The AS-3640 is capable of working in-line with other document processing equipment as well as in standalone operation.


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